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Awesome Climate Research (ACR)

A curated list of awesome things related to climate research

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Contributions are very welcome. Please provide suggestions :)

If you’d like to suggest modifications (e.g. resource addition, deletion, new categories etc.), please be sure to do so by opening pull requests (check here if you don’t know what it is) or create issues (check here if you don’t know how to do).

Note: If you don’t use Github, you can also provide feedback using this form.

This list is not supposed to be comprehensive. It is curated and only focuses on “awesome” content, i.e. the goal of this list is to have a low noise-to-signal ratio.

Surely, “awesomeness” can be subjective, but some basic rules can be applied to know what is worth listing or not, for instance:

:earth_asia: :earth_africa: :earth_americas:


Climate laws


Climate economics

Climate computing and modeling

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